As a company, Catapult's objective is to create value through collaboration and business development with our customers.

Providing online services since 2005, our experience has enabled us to form a powerful union of talent and resources leading to the development of products and services, branding, operations management, and more.

With the focus on our social platform Catapult has also developed a set of solutions for social Bingo and social Casino with a wide variety of online games, available for both Mobile and Desktop environments.

Catapult is a provider of B2B services to accompany you and help you grow your social i-game project.

With over twenty years combined experience in this market, we have built a flexible, robust and stable back office solution.

Whether your business needs a complete online platform solution or simply needs to draw on our extensive knowledge of SEO-SEM techniques to complement your existing operation, we believe that Catapult is the appropriate partner that you are looking for.